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How to Clean a Conservatory and Roof

Equipment needed to clean conservatory


UPVC cleaner Liquid or Window Cleaning Fluid

Water fed brush or window cleaning pole

Soap Attachment

Pro Squeegee (Not needed most of the time)

Hose Pipe

Water Source


How to clean your conservatory 

First thing you need to do is move any obstacles that could get in your way during the cleaning process. Add your cleaning liquid to the soap dispenser and attach to your water fed pole, then connect your hose pipe and your ready to start cleaning.


When cleaning any conservatory, windows, gutters, or cladding you should always start with the highest point, in this case the conservatory roof.


Turn your water source on then extend your water fed telescopic pole, press the soap release button and water release button flow setting. Foam and soap up the whole roof and scrub it twice, then switch off the soap dispenser and rinse off. Examine the conservatory roof for any left-over dirt or debris and repeat the process if needed.


If the conservatory your cleaning has a feature running along the top be gentle and take your time cleaning it. Some features that are very old can be very brittle, but as long as your gentle and take a few extra minutes cleaning, then rinse off you wont have any issues.


The next stage is to clean the outside of the Gutter, Drainpipes, Window Frames and sills. Turn the soap dispenser back on and foam wash the windows, doors, frames and rinse off and leave to dry.


The whole job on your average size conservatory will take around 45 minutes to hour to complete. Do not worry about water marks on the glass the soap helps most water glide off leaving a smear free window.


Always rinse from top to bottom and if needed use one of our squeegee attachments in hardwater areas.

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