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4M Gutter Cleaning Brush, Scraper & Flexible Jet

Introducing our advanced Gutter Cleaning Pole Tool Kit and Gutter Cleaning Brush, designed to make your cleaning tasks effortless and enjoyable.


With these innovative water-fed poles, you can easily connect to any standard household water source, turn on the tap, and start cleaning your windows, window frames, conservatories, and gutters in a breeze.


Crafted from durable and lightweight aluminium, our water-fed poles are built to last while providing excellent strength and maneuverability. Equipped with a powerful gutter cleaning attachment, these poles ensure safer and more efficient gutter cleaning.


Each water-fed pole in our kit comes complete with a high-quality brush head and a male connection that fits any standard female hose. Controlling the water flow is a breeze with our lightweight aluminium handle and on/off valve, allowing you to achieve optimal cleaning results with ease.


Using our water-fed brush is simple and straightforward. It effortlessly connects to your garden tap using standard hose fittings, and we provide a convenient hose end connector to ensure your kit is ready to use right away.




Water-fed brush with Hose Power Jet

The pole extends to 13 feet (providing a total cleaning reach of approximately 5.5 to 6.0 meters depending on the users height)

Soft bristle brush head

Strong aluminium pole handle

Gutter Jet Cleaning Attachment

Round gutter scraper with angle adaptor

Connects to a garden hose

On/Off water valve

Head dimensions: 27.2 x 14 x 8.5cm

Material: Plastic/aluminium

Colour: Silver/Black/Yellow



Experience the ease and efficiency of our 4M Gutter Cleaning Pole Tool Kit and Gutter Cleaning Brush. Make your cleaning tasks a breeze and achieve sparkling results every time.

4M Gutter Cleaning Brush, Scraper & Flexible Jet

SKU: 4mrgjet
  • Specifications:

    • Water-fed brush
    • Flexible Gutter Cleaning Jet Attachment
    • Round Gutter Scraper with angle adaptor
    • Total Extends up to 4m (total cleaning reach when standing around reached average 5.5 to 6.0 meters)
    • Soft plastic bristle head
    • Aluminium handle with EVA foam grip
    • Connects to garden hose
    • Water valve
    • Head dimensions: 27.2 x 14 x 8.5cm
    • Material: Plastic/aluminium
    • Colour: Silver/Black
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