18FT Water Fed Window Cleaning Pole, Hose Fed Window Cleaning Brush

18FT Water Fed Window Cleaning Pole, Window Cleaner Brush


Water fed window cleaning brushes are fun and easy to use, just connect to any standard household water source, turn on the tap, and you are ready to clean your windows, window frames, conservatories, Gutters, fascia’s in no time at all. 


This pro water fed poles are made of durable aluminium and are strong and lightweight during use. 


Each water fed pole comes with a high-quality brush head and male connection to fit any hose for standard tap. Our lightweight aluminium water fed pole is designed and build for professionalism.


Simple and straightforward to use, the water-fed brush easily connects to the garden tap with standard hose fittings, and with a hose end connector included, the kit is ready to use.


What’s Included..

  • Water Fed Telescoping extending water fed pole
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Tap end hose connector



  • Hose/Water brush
  • Handle extends up to 5.2m (18 Foot) (total cleaning reach when standing around reached average 6 - 7 meters)
  • Soft plastic bristle head
  • 8 Meters of 8mm Hose 
  • Connects to garden hose
  • Head dimensions: 29 x 14 x 8.5cm
  • Material: Plastic/aluminium
  • Colour: Silver/Black

18FT Water Fed Window Cleaning Pole, Hose Fed Window Cleaning Brush

£79.99 Regular Price
£74.99Sale Price
  • Specifications:

    • Water-fed brush
    • Handle/water fed brush extends up to 5.5m (just over 18 Foot) 
    • Soft plastic bristle head
    • Aluminium handle 
    • Connects to garden hose
    • Head dimensions: 30 x 14 x 9cm
    • Material: Plastic/aluminium
    • Colour: Silver/Black

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