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Window Cleaning Brush + Soap Dispenser

3.5 Meter Telescopic Window Cleaning Brush + Soap Dispenser


Our professional water window cleaning fed pole is made of durable lightweight aluminium. Our water-fed brush comes with a high-quality brush head, Soap Attachment, on/off valve male


The lightweight aluminium handle boasts a 2 soft foam grip for increase comfort. Simple and straightforward to use, connects to the garden tap with standard hose fittings, the kit is ready to use as soon as it's out of the packaging.




·       Water-fed brush + Soap Attachment

·       Total length pole including with soap dispenser added 3.8 Meters

·       Aluminium handle with 2 foam grips

·       Male connection to garden hose with on and off/valve

·       Head dimensions: 29 x 17 x 8.5cm

·       Material: Hardwearing Plastic/aluminium

·       Colour: Silver/ Black/Yellow

Window Cleaning Brush + Soap Dispenser

  • Specifications:

    • Water-fed brush
    • Soap Dispenser
    • Soft plastic bristle head
    • Aluminium handle with EVA foam grip
    • Connects to garden hose
    • Water valve on/off button
    • Head dimensions: 27.2 x 14 x 8.5cm
    • Material: Plastic/aluminium
    • Colour: Silver/Black
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